Self Review – Shadowless

Shadowless, my first game.

Pretty badly made, still has the old default Unity Gui. The animations are from the Standard Assets as well. All the art came from Reiner’s Tilesets.

But still, my first truly original game. The mechanic is simple: the bad guy doesn’t have a shadow, kill him within the time limit. I remember my first real ‘game design’ thoughts coming about, stuff like “how can I make so that this is always winnable but still challenging?”. I made all the gnome guys walk through shadowed areas, so you’d have to figure out the best spots to watch them. I’m a little surprised at how much depth there is in this game (not that much, but more than I remembered), though it’s not really noticeable considering how short the game is.

I was inspired to make Shadowless after reading Derek Yu’s article on Finishing a Game. I had been trapped in the cycle of “start a game”/ “I’ve learned so much! *drops project and starts something else*”/*repeat*, so I made a plan. I took an idea I had had of ‘bad guy with no shadow’ and decided to make it in one week. It took two, but I blame midterms. It was an incredible learning experience, not just with programming, but in what it takes to finish something.

I did everything it took to finish it; used public domain art, put some crappy music together (proud of this track actually) on a free music composing program, used really code, and of course the horrid Gui. But I did it. And I could show it to people. That’s my favorite part of making a game, watching someone else play it.

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