Senior Seminar

Best Computing Experiences

I’ve just started my final year as a CS student undergrad and it’s time to reflect back on my time here.

My best computing experience ‘in class’ would have to be when I participated in my university’s hackathon AppHack and my entry was disqualified because none of the judges believed my entry was made from scratch (of course I didn’t find out until a week later when one of them was nice enough to tell me that’s why I didn’t place). On one hand it’s a pretty big compliment, but on the other I am annoyed because I worked hard on it and wouldn’t mind having won some of the prizes.

My best outside class computing experience would be this summer during my internship at Avast when I wrote a signature for a family of malware and found nearly 1000 samples. The signature is now part of Avast’s malware recognition database. I also built an extractor that could decrypt the payload packaged in each sample to be further analyzed. It was a great real world experience and it felt good to actually objectively contribute to improving the world.

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