Snooping Assignment reflection

Last week we were paired with a classmate and had to spy on them online to find as much as possible about them. My partner was a ghost online and I wasn’t able to find much besides a LinkedIn, an old address on voterrecords, and the names of a couple relatives.

After we discussed our findings in class, though I was surprised at just how much information you can find on other people. I hadn’t known that voterrecords were public until I did this task and that you can easily find someones current address through that. You can also find apartment floorplans by searching the address, which is someone creepy.

There were also multiple vectors to finding information about a person. Some people were very secretive online, but their relatives were not and classmates were able to find information about that person through their relative.

I found a need to keep a lot more of my info secret online.

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