Final Blog Post for Senior Seminar

Well it’s been a long semester, but it’s time to wrap up.

In my Senior Seminar class, we focused a lot on current issues in the computer science field, discussing internet privacy, cryptocurrenices, and cybersecurity. We worked on improving our resumes and interpersonal skills, and put time into getting interviews for jobs and internships.  We obtained business connections and I developed my pitching skills substantially.

It’s almost time for me to head out into the world and face the real challenges life has to offer, and I feel like this class has helped me to prepare for that.

My advice to future students in this class is that if you’re interested in creating a startup or product, don’t wait until you graduate, start now! There are tons of opportunities to help you here at App, and Wilkes has lots of great advice you can take advantage of.


Reflections on CitizenFour viewing

In class we watched the CitizenFour documentary about Edward Snowden. It was a very eye-opening experience showing just how scary our own government can be.

I lost respect for Obama, since he was ok with the policies shown (even encouraging a lot of them) that invade our privacy.

I wasn’t aware before how careful Snowden had been with the release of the documents. I appreciate how he went to professional journalists who carefully vetted everything instead of just dumping it all on wikileaks.