The Competitor

It was a subtle and long-term plot: the pencil sharpener contained a bomb that would be activated after approximately 327 hours of usage. This had been calculated, through years of  incredibly minute research, as exactly the time it takes for an intern to reach executive level.

It would be devastating; they wouldn’t know what hit them. And the Moist’n’Merry Ice Cream company would be ready to step in to dominate the frozen goods market.


The Cat

Gertrude was a cat. It was a nice life; she had whiskers that let her feel and navigate the dark areas the larger, more vision-oriented creatures couldn’t.

Like right now, two of said creatures were fornicating in the corner of this dark chamber, unaware of the cat that had snuck through the drain pipe and was now listening, and judging.


Gilgamesh the Conqueror

Gilgamesh the Conqueror

The town of Ryst lay in ruins; Gilgamesh stood in the ashes of the last city to stand against him. The country was his; there were no more challenges, nothing left to conquer; all that stood ahead was the drudgery of managing an empire.

He drew the rune crystal from his pocket and prepared the spell to turn back time. The world blurred as he returned to his childhood; What should he be this time? Perhaps a singer; he could define a new era of music. Or maybe be a merchant again and create an empire of currency.


Killer – MiniStory Challenge

I’ve been wanting to improve my writing skills, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to write a couple short stories every week. Here’s my first entry:


Robert flipped open the heart locket showing him and his soon-to-be ex. Smiling, happy together. He closed it and leaned forward on the roof’s precipice, looking down his rifle’s scope. She was sitting 400 meters away with his old friend Mark. Smiling, happy together.

Safety off.

His cruiser’s radio buzzed, “Robert, there’s been a double homicide on 31st Street; can you check it out?”. He lifted the receiver and responded,”Roger that, on my way”. The receiver clacked down next to the radio. A streetlamp glinted off his police badge.