Jam/Prototype Games

Here is a list of all the games I’ve made for jams or as concepts (sorted chronologically):


Dimming Eyes (LD39): You’re a security guard caught in a top secret lab as the power goes out: escape the overrun facility before the light runs out.

Room for One (LD37 Entry): A top down black-and-white space horror.


EnergyShift (LD35 Entry): Platformer where you convert potential energy into kinetic energy to fly.


Flappy Invaders (LD34 entry): Flappy Bird + Space Invaders.


Celeste (LD33 entry): Top-down high-speed space dogfighter.


It’s The Room (LD32 entry): A puzzle game where you move the room instead of the character.


Minimal Duel (LD31 entry): Duel other suitors to win the hand of the princess.
Duelists are so expert in this world that sometimes they duel each other twice simultaneously.

Project Ariel: Platformer shooter where you have the ability to levitate guns and items. Made for Indies vs Pewdiepie Jam.

PhaseRunner: Platformer experiment with a boosting mechanic.

Bullet Maze: Test a robot prototype that moves fast enough to dodge bullets. Use reactive skills, planning, and strategy to complete challenges.

41803-shot0.png-eq-900-500 (1)

InterSection (LD30 entry): There are two worlds , the world of X and the world of Z, united upon one point, the Y axis. The Y axis has come alive and desires to explore to the ends of both the X and Z worlds.

Pact: Someone is using hypnosis to fill a pact, and people are dying. Made for the Indie Game Maker Contest.

Shadowless: In a peaceful village a demon is waiting until dark to kill everyone. The only way to recognize it is by its lack of a shadow.
Kill it before night falls!